Saturday, October 31, 2009

ooooga boooooga!

Happy Halloween!!
I have been a serious slacker when it comes to the blogging world. I have so much to post so please stay tuned.
** plus, I have new clothing that is AWES!! I will post asap. I am hosting a house party NOV. 6th so mark your calendars. There will be some cute cute stuff.
1612 Prospect Lane
Alpine, 84004
More on this later.
In the meantime....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my ever growing h.e.a.r.t.

today was much needed...

I got to go out with some of my favorite people... Farrah and Becca. It really was a pleasure being with you two. I loved every second of it.

But before this...

I was with Lennon. Just like everyday! But for some reason today was different. I just love that little man. My heart grew more today for my little Lennon, (i really didn't know that was possible) but I felt a physical growth in my chest.

I love him.

I was upstairs working on some clothing and Lennon was just minding his own business. I could hear him chatting up a storm all by himself. I turned around and across the room, behind the coffee table, he had his favorite blankie (thank you Suzie), draped over his head and playing underneath with toys. It was his own little fort. My heart grew... my oh my it grew.

Later today we were downstairs and I was throwing him the ball and he would run and get it and throw it right back. He thoroughly enjoys this. Well, I tossed him the ball and it rolled under the desk. He looked at me for the go ahead and of course he got it. So he crawled under the desk and grabbed the ball and went to stand up and ... BONK! He hit is 95th percentile (head) really hard. He looked at me kinda confused and a little sore. I just said, "It's okay... c'mon! Get the ball!!" so he sucked back all his tears and grabbed the ball. He was almost out from under the desk, and BONK again! This time it wasn't his whole head, just a portion, which is really painful. After this happened, he looked at me and his lip started quivering. He really didn't want to cry but it HURT! I could tell that one hurt. As his poor mouth was quivering I crawled over to him and with more sympathy and said, "Oh man, you okay?" and he let go. He started to cry along with vigorously rubbing the back of his head. My heart really did grow. I love him.

The other day I was on my phone. It was a very important phone call and Lennon could tell... that is why he was fussing the WHOLE TIME. I didn't know what to do. I tried everything. Last resort was me making tight-lip Arden mouth (i am being way too polite, we all really know what that is called;) and mouthing to Lennon to BE QUIET!

He laughed. He laughed hard.

Right in my face! I was dying. Carma. I think the last time someone was mad like that was my photo teacher in high school when I locked him in the darkroom door... he came out with blue veins in his neck and guess what? I laughed. In fact, i think I peed my pants. hmm. Carma?

Life is going to be interesting. That was my first dose of a little Rachie. Not sure what the future holds but I do know this.... I never thought I could ever love something as much as I love him.

It sure feels good.