Monday, April 26, 2010


Well folks... we were there and now we are back...
that fast.
Here are some photos from our lovely vacation.
first time ever pulling over for a picture by a sign, but couldn't resist.

do you folks remember these? I do. Lennon will too.

The crew... minus the best of course
{yours truly, mom and kobie}

ono-ono shave ice= neat

{don't mind my posture or that slight gut}

***nuff said***

We like it... a lot.
We had a blast. Most importantly Lennon loved it. He made the trip just that much better.
I basically just had to chill the whole time but it was still a blast. My mom and dad were so generous. We sure do owe them. We were so glad to have been able to spend some time with them.
Kobie and Alix became professional baby watchers and Becca made the best servant :)
I only had to go to the hospital once while I was there!
{it really wasn't that awesome, but everything turned out okay... I will update below}
B only lost his wallet once
My dad didn't loose his car keys
and mom was a peach the whole time.
I loved this trip and I sure do love my family. B, especially you. Thank you everyone for putting up with my partial-bed-rested self. We are half way there... hopefully.
So I am now 21 weeks along. This last week I went into the doctor for an ultrasound to check on the little guy and everything looked perfect.
Wow, what a relief and a blessing. They were however concerned because I look like I am partially placenta previa along with a side of a sub-chorionic bleed. Awesome, i know. Good news is it is pretty common to have that at twenty weeks. It will most likely move once the baby grows. I am praying it does. My tear is still there but looks like it is healing. I am still experiencing bleeding which sucks cause I never know what it means when it starts.
Doctor was concerned a bit and he was very honest with me. It was actually a relief. He basically said that I was still at risk for a miscarriage and if I were to miscarry it would be best to do it between now and twenty four weeks. He would hate to see a baby at 25 weeks due to all the problems.
I totally agree.
So I am convinced I will make it past 24 weeks and when I do I just need to be really careful. My doctor said he would be shocked if I made it to my due date, but my body does some pretty shocking things so we will see.
I am hanging in there. Life is crazy but good. B is deciding on law school and looks like no matter what, we are outta here. He will have to leave before me and start school cause I am too high risk, but I will join him as fast as my body will allow. Bless his heart. All in all, we are hanging in there. This next 6 months is going to be remembered to say the least!
I will keep you {whoever you are} posted.