Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I cant function...

Maggie tagged me... I am oh so new at this!

I can't function without...

1. B and Lennon... they are the best of the best.

2. A good vacation

3. Sleep of course!

4. Bajio!!! (Not really, but this picture is hilarious! B you are a gem!)

5. My whole stinkin family.

6. Good Buddies7. Good food :)

8. The Church

9. Laughing as much as possible 10. Excercise

(These are in no particular order :) I would love to tag... Jamie and Farr bear! Have fun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


He just looks so peaceful... priceless.

Here are some more great pics of this little guy. It is nice to have family close so they can enjoy this guy as much as I do.

Team Bajio!!

So, since I still can't be totally active yet, I go and watch my sisters and brother play soccer every Monday night. It actually is a lot of fun just to go watch. Jake usually is pissed and fighting someone (shrek, col-d-sac, Napolean), Farrah is getting tossed around like a rag doll and Becca has no clue where she is half the time. It is great. Jamie is my little partner and that is just the cherry on top! Here are some cute photos of Logan and Coach Bry-Dog. It is so great... anytime anyone on our team gets the ball, dad yells out "SHOOT IT!" it doesn't matter how far away they are from the goal. It is quite hilarious. I think that half the people in the stands thinks he has tourettes, either that or think he is serious!

P.S. Logan is the best thing EVER! I love that little terror. He is awesome. He just wanted to go sit by gramps. Pretty cute!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can't get enough

I know I may seem obsessed, but he is just the greatest. This was taken when he was so little! It is so sad how fast they grow. I really can't believe it. He is HUGE now. That binky in the photo is as big as his face, now it looks normal, almost small. It is so sad. He is still so small, I just want him to stay that way forever. They are so sweet.

Swing Time!!!

I wish anyone could see my little Lennon right now. He has been sitting in his swing just staring off. I keep checking on him thinking he is asleep and nope, he is just chillin. That swing is a real dream.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So stinkin CUTE!

I had to put this on here. I love this picture. He is a week and a half old here. I will post more when I get the time. He is already a month old and getting so much bigger! I can't believe it. It makes me a little bit sad. He even looks different than this picture and it was only 3 weeks ago. Crazy how time flies. I wish it flew like this when I was pregnant!