Monday, December 7, 2009

I am a proud little auntie today. Farrah had her baby yesterday. I was with her all day and it was so great. I was so lucky to be able to be apart of them bringing that sweet angel into this world. There is nothing like childbirth. Really.

Farrah did such a great job. She honestly didn't even push. I was shocked. Shawn was so stoked to see his little daughter. I think watching his reaction made me loose it. He was so sweet and proud of both his wife and new little daughter.

Rylee was absolutely perfect. She looks just like her sister Raegan. I was lucky enough to be the photographer and the cord to the camera isn't at my house. As soon as I get it I will be happy to post pictures of that little angel.

Shawn, Farrah, Rae and Evy



***post post.... her name isn't Rylee. I am an idiot. It's Mayci Jo! Farrah even told me that was what it was and I sure did write Rylee! ha ha ha. That is funny. I am not deleting this post cause it is hilarious.

{mom, I told you I was losing my mind}

post, post, post...little Mayci jo.

more pictures to come.

isn't she great?!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Just a quick funny story....
Yesterday I was visiting this boutique that I am selling my clothes in. It is like a charity type thing. They are trying to raise money for a little boy who is sick. There was a photographer there selling quick sessions for 20 bucks, so I thought, "I'll get pictures of Lennon!" So he sat in the chair all ready to go. He had a little audience and was loving it.
He loves attention.
Because he loves attention so much, he started whacking himself in the head and then looking around to see if it made people laugh.
Of course it did.
So of course he just continued on. This has been a new thing. He did the same thing at church last Sunday. He loves to entertain people already. Even though this is a strange way of doing so, I LOVE IT! The best are others reactions... first a little worried, then followed by a laugh.
He gets a thrill out of making people laugh already. Sounds kinda like his mom. Lets just hope he stays sweet. ;)

{Pictures will be posted shortly}