Wednesday, May 27, 2009


(Farrah, Raegan, Evan, Emily, Lennon and Yours truly.)
Lennon's First SWIM...
...It was a hit.
(Please stay tuned)

family time...

(Aren't these kids cute?! Asher, Pyper, London, Lennon, B and of course Grandma Doddy!)
We went to celebrate Kevin's birthday the other day and took these cute pictures of their kids. Lennon loves those girls. Little does he know... that Asher will be his very favorite the second he can RUN.
Happy Birthday Kev!

tin foils

(Steph and Lennon eating grapes... he thoroughly enjoyed the both of them :)
(the crew. Justin, Lynn, Danielle, Chreeese, and Azy)
(B, Lynn, Justin, Lynn and Lennons profile)
We got to spend a night in the Canyon with the best of the best. Nothin like a good tin foil dinner and good buddies to eat them with. After a good meal we were jammin to Lynn and Justin playin some serious ballads. I cried... okay not really, but I wanted to. I really think that sitting around a fire, eating goodies, laughing with friends is one of my very favorite things to do. I hope this happens a lot more folks.
Cheers to the summer time!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hawaii 2009

B and I got to go on a ten day vacation with friends and no baby. We all went to Kauai. It was a blast. To sum it up, there wasn't a day without activities. We got to jump off cliffs, swing on the best rope swing in the world, snorkle in the greatest spots, hike on the most beautiful Na Pali coast, hang out on the beach with frozen Pina' Coladas, Laugh with new and old friends, etc. What could be better? Well, maybe one thing... have Lennon there also :).

My sister Farrah and Jamie watched him while we were gone. I think I would have been freakin out more if I wouldn't have known how much those two love him. I can tell they really do love him like thier own. I am so so lucky and grateful to have them. Really. I love all my sisters and sister-in-laws. Lennon was in really good hands. It was strange, while away from that little guy it made me realize how great life is WITH kids. You never know how awesome it is until you are away from it for a bit. I am not trying to sound like #1 mom, because I am not, I just simply enjoy my life with a child. I know Lennon enjoyed himself while I was gone (see below).

Lennon with his twin, Logan.

Logan, Lennon and Brecklyn (Jamie and Jakes Kids...minus Tyson)

Reagan, Lennon and Evan (Farrah's kids)

Reagan playing with Lennon... He loves her.

Thanks again you guys!! I owe you.