Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lennon!!

*better late than never*

Before moving to Florida we celebrated Lennon's 3rd birthday with everyone he loves best. 
I made two ghetto cakes... one for Holden, and one for Lennon. Don't judge.

Holden enjoying his cake.  This kid can pound food.  So great.

Lennon and Rohen
                    Grandma and Grandpa Nilsson.

Bobert and Dotty.
Lynn, Amber and Milo.
Jake and Jamie.

Grayson. Cute little guy.

B and Chad



Mayci jo.
Lennon's best buddy. Christoph.

Two trouble makers, Ridley and Logan.

Spence and Asher.

Grandma and Grandpa Hofheins

Lennon was so spoiled.  What great family and friends he has.  Really. I think that was the best day of his life.  He still talks about his birthday.

Lennon buddy... You are three!!

I can't even believe it.  You are the funniest little three year old I know.  Once you have warmed up, you love the stage.  You are all boy.  You love sports and you know how to play almost all of them.  You love your brother more than anything in this world.  What a gift that is.  You are so smart.  The things you say crack me up.  I am lucky to have you as my best bud.  I love you and I am excited to watch you in this adventure called LIFE. 

Cheers to three years!!

** more on Florida later... I promise.**

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

we are here...

We made it!

Florida is good.  Things are crazy but good.  B started school, I got us moved in and now trying to settle ourselves.  I will post a lot more later this week, but just so you know, we are here and life is good.