Friday, August 21, 2009


I know... I know.
Here is more my friends.
I personally love all of them...
You should too. :)
**plus... they fit so stinkin cute. I will have kids model them for you. They really do fit perfect!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more little treats...

Here are some more little gems I have made... let me know if you want any!
They are going quick folks!
well, not too fast... but unno what I mean.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hidden treasure

I came across these beauty's and thought to share with all of you.
My dad
Not quite sure why,
actually, i think it was the helmets on horses, or maybe just the whole ensemble,
but these made me laugh.
Dad, you are one genius.
Mom you are onelucky gal.
love you both.
look out mom... the next one might just be you

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well Folks, I can't really believe it, but I officially have a ONE YEAR OLD.
It is really hard to believe that I have been a mom for a whole year already. I was talking to B and saying how it feels like last month when I had him.
I still feel so new at this.
One year ago my life was changed forever. No one could have ever prepared me for what was in store.
Friends and Family
Obviously on his birthday I just couldn't help thinking back to the day that I had him. It was nothing but a miracle. I am and was so amazed at how much I could instantly love one single person. Something changes when you have a kid. I remember thinking a few months after I had him... What did I ever live for before? It sounds crazy but it is true.
I love being able to revisit life again through a child's eyes. I was telling Farrah that the other day. I forget how great childhood really was until I get to see it again for myself, experience it all over again.

Lennon has been such a great blessing and will continue to be. I feel lucky to be his mom.

I really do.

I am glad I have a husband who feels the same way. Lennon is a total daddy's guy. He loves B. When he walks in the door from work, Lennon literally lunges out of my arms for B.

I love it.

Some of the things he can do at the age of one are...



Says Dad and sometimes Ma Ma

Says Truck... He loves trucks already

Says Dog... loves dogs too

Says Uh-Oh

Loves Laughing... He will laugh until he has hiccups almost every time.

Stands on his own

Makes a car noise with his mouth when he is playing cars

Plays Hide-and-Go seek with B... he really does. He hides and waits for B to find him. Then screams.

Head Butts everyone and thinks it is the greatest

Loves the water

Doesn't love Milk... I hope that changes but I didn't love it either. Still don't.

Fake Laughs

Fake Coughs

Doesn't Cuddle unless he is tired

Loves the car

and... Continues to be the best of the best


Bule brought him this amazing Monster Cake. Thanks Larry.
I guess my point is, I love my little man. He is the greatest thing that has happened to me so far (aside from B :). I hope Lennon never forgets how much his parents love him.
I am lucky to have the chance to be his mom. I think this last year was honestly one of the best in my life and I owe it all to L man. I am excited for many more years to come.
Lennon buster... I love you.
**Keep on scrolling... I made another multiple post post. :)

Fun with three Kiddos!

Jamie has been out of town for a couple weeks and I have been able to watch their kids part of the time. Here are some photos to document what I have been up to this last week.

Grocery shopping with three kids is a little different than one. Thank goodness for those germ infested cars attatched to the cart.

Farrah told me about the greatest pool in Payson. It really is perfect for infants to adults, so I packed up the three kids and met Farrah down South for a good time at the pool. It was great. I am sure I will be visiting that again.

*Logan probably went down that green tube slide 500 times. It was great. He even talked Me and Lennon into doing it. I stinkin love that kid.

Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo.

The kids loved it.

I didn't. :)

They all got Pony rides. That was probably the highlight. They loved it.

*Raegan looks like a natural. Shawn would be proud.

We ended the 103 degree weather day with a nice Ice Cream Cone from JCW's.
I liked that part... so did Lennon.

24th of July

For the 24th of July we got to spend the day up in American Fork Canyon. It was great. I love that canyon. It brings back so many good memories. Here are some pictures for your pleasure.


Our dearest friend Heather left us for the bigger better deal. San Diego, California. For her farewell party we all got together to bid our farewells. Once again, it was a treat. I really enjoy my friends. I am so glad we are all still in touch.

Bule, Heather, Mags, Yours truly along with Lennon

Don't worry about my face and Lennon's Sty eye. He later fell asleep like that.


So I have had a little time lately and I really wanted to make something for Lennons room. I never set up a "nursery" for him so I thought, now is the time to try something new in there. Here are just a few of the things I have made for his room. They turned out better than I thought. Enjoy.
I did the letters with the adds that come to my house. I just used Modge Podge to glue it on. With the canvas, it was on sale at Roberts, so I just bought it and painted that little number. If you can't tell, that is his birthday at the top. :)
Below is a sweatshirt I made for Chris and Azy's baby. I am going to start making a bunch of these with different designs. I thought this one was cute though. Let me know if you want one... I would love to make it.

Youth Conference 2009

B and I are both in the youth programs in our ward. B is the Scout Master, and I am the second counselor in the Young Womens. I know, pretty scarry that we are in charge of our youth. I still feel like I am a youth.
We got to go to Youth Conference together. It was actually really fun having B there. Lots of laughter. We went for three days and Shantell got to watch Lennon. Thanks again Shan... You saved me.