Tuesday, March 30, 2010

18 months plus...

{ I got these pictures done for a charity in Dec. I love them}

Lennon Jay Nilsson
18 Months
Height 33.75 inches 87%
Weight 21.63 pounds 5%
Head 19.9 inches 98%

** I thought these were hilarious. I have a tall, skinny boy with one huge noggin!

as for my update... everything remains the same. Doctor said baby's heartbeat sounds perfect and I just need to lay low. Life has been interesting not being able to lift my little one. It is crazy how much you CAN'T do when you are told not to lift your out-of-control toddler.

Hopefully it will pass.

In better news, B,Lennon and I are off to Hawaii on Monday. I would rather sit there then here :) Hopefully all goes well.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I know, I know it has been forever. For some reason this blog stresses me out. I do use it for documenting my life but when I get so behind, I don't know where to start.


2010 has been eventful to say the least


First things first, we had an amazing Christmas and New Years. B and I both said we thought this was one of the best! We got to hang out with both families and Lennon is now such a fun age. We really did enjoy it.


After the holidays I did something really stupid... I was reaching in the backseat of my car because Bajio had spilled everywhere and I was trying to clean it up while driving. (I know genius.) As I came up from digging in the backseat, we were off the road and starting to roll.

It was horrible.

I just remember looking back at Lennon and trying to reach back and brace him. It was horrible to see the terror in his eyes, but I think it was equally horrible knowing that B was following us and watching the whole thing. Well, we only rolled onto the side of the car and I was trying to get out so that B knew we were okay. Sure enough, B came running up in a panic pounding on the window and was then reassured that we were okay. Finally they (people pulled over to help) pryed the door open and I handed them Lennon and crawled out.

All in all I learned a lesson.


I was embarrassed but grateful we were okay. Lennon didn't have a scratch. What a blessing.


Well, since I totalled my car, B had to sell his truck and Farrah and Shawn so kindly gave us Shawn's civic for B to drive. I can't tell you how grateful we are for them and their graciousness. I don't know if they know how much that really means to us.
In the meantime, B and I bought another Jeep. This one is a bit different. It is a Commander. We like it, but it is bitter sweet. I was so mad I had to even buy a car, but we really are so blessed to have such an amazing family. That helped a lot.


B got his LSAT score back and did well. He has applied to several schools and has been accepted to almost all that he has applied for. We are just waiting on a few more to see where we will end up. I am so proud of B. It has been a long time coming.


Last but surely not least... I am pregnant.

I know, crazy.

We are excited but it is kind of bad timing. I will have this baby right after we move for school (if we have to move). It has been a difficult pregnancy. I hesitated to tell anyone I am pregnant because it has been so difficult. I had some complications and went into the hospital knowing for sure I was miscarrying. Sure enough, they still saw a heartbeat! I honestly was shocked. I was already prepared to give this little one up, but sure enough it was alive and well.

The doctors explained that I had what is called, Placental abruption. I had no idea what that was until now. My placenta has partially ripped away from the uterine wall causing a lot of bleeding and cramping. The doctors informed me that it was pretty common in pregnancy, but mine is just a little more severe than normal and I basically had a fifty-fifty chance of it healing. Because my chances weren't too good, they told me I had to stay down and lift nothing. Because I have Lennon I have been staying at my parents so that my mom can help me with him. She has been an angel.

This all started a little over a month ago.

I am still being told to stay down, still bleeding a bit, but I am hopeful.

The baby is amazingly perfect. Heartbeat is perfect. Everything looks normal.


Oh and ITS A BOY!

I couldn't be happier. I wanted a brother so bad for Lennon. Now all I need to do is sit on my butt and hopefully he will get that brother.


So this year has been nuts so far and I don't think it is going to slow down. So far we have been so blessed. We are lucky.

I will post pictures later.