Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well For those of you that REALLY know me, know that I can sleep anywhere at anytime with any noise...

Well, looks like Lennon takes after his MOM! He fell asleep in this today while I was in the shower. I got out and opened the door to check on him, and here he was, SOUND ASLEEP! I about died. It was awesome. These pictures kill me. So funny. Enjoy.


Best family shot we could do... we need to work on that right? I have a feeling 2009 will be full of good pics.

2nd best shot we could do... minus my eyes being shut. Oh well

Our lovely Chreeese and Azy... how lucky we are to have such great friends.

Nielse, Ryan (frogger) and Becca (borris)

Saved the best for last... nielson.
Last weekend we attended the Grizzlies hockey game. It was a treat. I swear the people that come there are more interesting than the actual game. All in all it was a good night with the greatest of company!

Day in the Life...

Isn't He handsome!? My goodnes...

New toy from Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Hofheins gave this to him and he loves it.
He really is one happy baby.
Just some random photos of our Lennon. He is so big and getting so fun. I love him more and more everyday.

New Beginnings

I cant even believe it (that is why I took the picture cause I knew none of you would believe it!), but I made these cute bookmarks for my Young Womens New Beginnings this last week. I was quite impressed with myself. I am not the scrapbook type at all. I sure wish I was, but I think this is the best it gets. (I know Maggie, your probably laughing your head off :)

Monday, January 5, 2009


Jamie, Becca, Me, Dad, B, Chris, Jake
Alix, Kobie, Tyson
There is no better way, in my opinion, to Ring in the new year than 1. spend it with family and 2. go snowboarding/skiing. My dad so kindly bought us all tickets to go enjoy the slopes of snowbird on the first day of the year. Last time I went I was 6 months pregnant. This time was a little better. I could undo my binding without grunting every time. It was so fun going with Jake and Jamie. This was their first time going in ten years! I couldn't believe it. The last time I saw them both on the mountain was a sight to be seen. Jake was trying to teach Jamie how to snowboard. Not a good combo. This time, Jamie took skiis. She rocked too! She kept right up with all of us. She had a couple of doozers... one of which I thought was going to be catastrophic. She somehow ended up mocking down the hill BACKWARDS. It was awesome. She was a champ. She finally managed to stop and got right back up, smile on her face and was ready to roll. I couldn't believe it. Jake was awesome too. You couldn't even tell he hadn't been in ten years. Pretty impressive.
All in all, it was a great day!
Thanks so much POPS.
B ringing in the new year

2009! Jt and Nielse ringing it in!

Nielse doing business
Happy New Year!
This new years was a good one. B and I got a baby sitter and went to Park City to hang with friends. Justin and Steph got a sweet in the Canyons resort. We just hung out there with buddies, played cards, ate treats. Good time. The best was what happened later! EXTREME SLEDDING. Trust me, when I say extreme, I mean extreme.
We snuck into the Deer Valley Ski resort and sled down one of the ski runs. It is about a 5 minute sled ride but you are mopping down. My gloves and boots are shredded at the ends because my hands and feet are my brakes. It really was so great. We haven't done it for like 3 years now. Well worth waiting for the New Year. If 2009 is anything like sledding that night... I can't WAIT!
Happy New Year!
2008 was a good year. It will be hard to top. I am excited to spend more time with my little family. I think 2009 will bring plenty of adventures.
Cheers to 2009!


nothin like a family photo at the alley

Lennon was diggin it
He's teething, can you tell?
It was so fun having everyone back for the Christmas break. We sure enjoyed everyones company.
Until next year.

Merry Christmas 2008

Dad and Lennon on Christmas Morning
Cute little cousin Pyper loves her Lemon!

Merry Christmas 2008!

I regret not taking more pictures, but we did get video. Because Lennon is still so young and can't remember much, we didn't really document a ton of it... i know some of you are probably disgusted ;) Anyway, we spent the night at my parents on Christmas eve. All my side of the family were there. It is always fun hanging with the fam. We played a white elephant game, and I wish I would have gotten some pictures of some of the gifts. I, of course, got screwed. I won a sweet dolphin light set. Alix and Kobie were into it so I just let them have it. It was awesome.

Christmas day we woke up, watched Alix and Kobie open presents, had breakfast and headed down to the Nilssons for an all day hang out. It was a lot of fun. I got a new camera and am very excited about it. Quite the surprise. So next Christmas there will be plenty more thanks to Santa Nilsson.

All in all, it was a wonderful couple of days. What more can I ask? Hanging with the people I care about most for two full days. It was great.

Bajio Party

The Bajo Crew 2008!
Becca with her favorite nephew...Lennon ; )
Mom and Dad Hofheins... pretty good lookin couple!
Here are some pictures of our annual Bajio Christmas party. Enjoy.
(I noticed B and I never get pictures together. We'll work on that.)