Sunday, May 15, 2011

i tried.

Tonight we were reading the scriptures and trying to teach Lennon a little something.

Here is how that turned out.

Me: Ya Lennon, like when you get scared at night {cause he gets scared now} you just ask Heavenly Father and Jesus to help you that you won't be scared, and you will be all better!!

Lennon: YA!! I won't be scared

{and with gun in hand}

And then I'll SHOOT Jesus!

Of course I explained you don't shoot people, and of course not Jesus.

Looks like we have a long road folks.

{Please don't get offended. He is two}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Meester 2011

Lennon coloring eggs with Alix and Kobie

Can't leave Holden out.

Easter 2011 was a hit. It was so much fun this year. Lennon is finally at the age where he is so stoked on everything. He loved hunting for eggs. He was a spazz the whole time.

Saturday, my whole family came over and ate lunch along with two easter egg hunts. One for the adults {with $$$$} and one for the kids. It was a blast. B and I have always sucked every year in the adult hunt but this year we decided to try HARD. :) We ended up getting $87 buckaroos!! Funny. My mom did way too much as always, but we love her for it. Thanks mom.

On Sunday we got to go over to Grandma and Grandpa Nilsson's house for our annual hunt and a nice dinner. Lennon was freaking out. He couldn't believe he got to do it all over again! I guess that is the perk of living near both sides. One thing we will miss when we leave. It was so fun to watch him with all his cousins.

Easter was great.

Thanks to mom and mom-in-law for making it so great.

Multiple post's below... trying to get caught up.

Spring has sprung... sort of.

Nothin' like a day in the park with the whole {well not quite whole... but almost} Hofheins clan.


NICU visit 2011

Some of my favorite people

Holden got to tag along with B and I on our anniversary. Thanks to Chris Hair, Lennon stayed home. Here is what chris said about his night with Lennon: "Last night: I got frozen with a freeze ray gun, tackled, played the part of Bulls Eye the horse, ate mac and cheese, built a fort, shot some bears and a mean shark, watched two disney movies, played soccer, played baseball, punched the punching bag, cleared out the monsters in the house, and had a solid dance party... best night ever." Needless to say, Lennon didn't want to come home.. at all. Chris... YOU-DA-MAN!!

Aside from that, B and I had so much fun. Holden was such a good baby. We went and got some dinner, shopped a little and then decided to go visit some of our favorite people at the NICU!!

-I am so glad we did.-

All three of the people I really really wanted to see were there! You really do have a special love for someone after they have literally nursed your child to life. These three ladies (among others) will always hold a special place in my heart. It made my whole week getting to visit them and show off my handsome Holden. I know he loves them as well.

All in all, our night was the best. I am grateful for B. I am grateful for what we went through almost a year ago.

I am grateful for my two HEALTHY boys!