Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wheeler farm

Hey there!
I just thought I would post about a boutique I am doing this weekend.
Saturday, November 21st
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wheeler Farm
6351 S. 900 E.
There is 50 other vendors that will be there.
I am not sure all of them but I know Usborne Books will be there, and from what I have heard those are amazing books for kids
{thanks magz}
Laura Trinnamen and Tiff McQueen are doing it with me.
Laura is selling really cool antiqued pictures of the temples and Tiff is selling her hats.
It should be a good time. I am actually surprised by how many vendors that will be there.
So once again,
if you are reading this,
you and all your buddies, mothers, sisters, etc. are invited!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

15 months

Lennon showing off his new hat
Lennon Jay Nilsson
15 months
4 percentile weight
35 percentile height
96 percentile head :)
I love every single ounce of this grom

Sunday, November 1, 2009

clothing party!!

Hey ya'll... I am hosting a house party this week.
If you are reading this, YOUR INVITED!!
Friday, November 6th
6-8:30 pm
1612 prospect Lane
Alpine, 84004
Here are the links... check it out
*** scroll down for a multiple, multiple post.... I have been a slacker***
Also, I am posting new designs on my clothing blog so be sure to check it out.

Halloween 2009

Joseph and Maggie invited us to their Halloween Party.

It was a blast!

This cracks me up.

Please don't mind me.

Before all our Halloween celebrations we got to go to the REAL Soccer playoffs.
It was a beautiful day and enjoyed by all.
We had a great Halloween.
Hope you all did too!

witch city

Grandma Dorothy, Shantell, and Angella invited Lennon and I to go with them to the famous
Gardner Village.
I haven't been there all that much, and surely haven't been there during Halloween. It was great. There were witches everywhere. Lennon didn't know what to think.
I think my favorite part was the pumpkin sugar cookie :)
Thanks Grandma!


Here is just a little snippet of Lennon in his element.
That kid loves the outdoors
(second to loving B of course).
o wait... don't mind HIS hairclip


This year Lennon and I got to experience Cornbelly's not only once but TWICE! It was my first time going and it was awesome.
Lennon loved it and so did I.
Here are some pictures for your pleasure.

lennon, pyper, london and asher.

They had a blast!

Did I mention I laughed my head off seeing Lennon's massive noggin peering over that cart (or whatever you call it).

And of course he spotted a ball... he is a little obsessed.

becca, aspen, grandpa and raegan.

This was where you got to launch pumpkins out of a massive cannon.

Brought me back to my good ole' days. :)

Here is the rest of the crew.
Thanks Mamma Dorothy and Mom and Dad Hofheins.
Lennon and I loved it.
until next year cornbelly's.