Friday, November 18, 2011

Bobert and Dotty

** for some reason I am having  problems with my blog.  That is why you all haven't heard from me in a while.  Hopefully I will figure it out soon. Driving me nuts.**
Grandma and Grandpa Bobert and Dotty came to visit!  We were so lucky to get to spend some time with them.  Lennon was in pure HEAVEN the whole time.  It really made me miss home and I am so excited to come back and see them again.

The first day we went to a place called Corkscrew Sanctuary.  It was awesome.  It was just a big tropical swampy area with a walk way all the way through.  We were able to see some cool birds, some crazy bugs and even a baby alligator.  In the middle of our little excursion, we got to experience a Florida rainstorm.  It DUMPED rain.  It was actually really refreshing and luckily there were a bunch of shelters along the path.  The rain came and went and we had a great time.


We got to do a lot of things we haven't done yet... like the ZOO!  Lennnon and Holden loved it.  Grandma and Grandpa spoiled that guy.  So cute.  Lennon loved being able to feed the giraffe.  Pretty cool.
Holden just doing what he does best... chillin.

We got to enjoy the beach for a day.  It was much needed.  So relaxing and the kids loved playing in the sand with Grandma and Grandpa.

Bob and Dorothy treated our little family to a sunset cruise.  It was awesome.  We almost didn't make it, which wouldn't have been that awesome, but luckily with my fast driving we got there just in the nick of time. :)  It was so pretty. 

Our family really enjoyed having company.  It was so lonely when they left.  Lennon woke up ready to go into there room and jump in bed with them, and when he opened the door and noone was there, he was heart broken.    We love our Bobert and Dotty!  Please come and see us again. :) 


Azy said...

Rachel this all looks like so much fun! Its awesome to have family visit. YOu do fun things and you get a little bit of a break chasing both your adorable kids! CHristmas is so close! Still getting excited to see you guys hope you have an very happy thanksgiving! (ps if you are putting any AA orders in before xmas lmk i can get it when i see you in utah) love you guys xo

Jamie said...

I noticed these things: Awesome pics with the giraffe! Your hair has gotten so long...I love it! Holden is getting so blonde! B looks stoked! Love you guys :)

Jamie said...

Oh, and ps...have you tried the new blogger? It's a lot better and you can upload pics faster. Just fyi.

Arden said...

love the pics. Good thing you and i drive fast! can't wait to see you all!

goldie said...

Holden looks so much like B. And obviously Lennon is your twin. Just my opinion...