Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 in review

I have been a major slacker with a capital M.  I am motivated to keep this blog up better thanks to my in-laws for my new camera.  It makes it easier.  Anyway, 2010 came and went.  It really did fly by.  This last year was awesome.  So much better than 2010. :)  My family is HEALTHY and that is a blessing.  Here are some pictures of the past year.  So much change has happened.  This is just the tip of the iceburg.


Lennon and Holden enjoying the cold weather in Alpine, UT.

B turned 30!! I was thinking of getting him a toupee' and a Mazda Miata convertable.  Maybe next year old man.

Spent a good amount of time up in Bear Lake at our Cabin.  Such a blast.

NICU visit.  Holden has progressed more than we ever expected.  He is right on track.  I love these ladies.


Enjoying the nice weather at the park with family

{Lennon looks a tad uncomfortable... oops} 

Holden turns ONE!!  What a great celebration.  I wasn't so sure I would get this lucky.  Man do I love that little nugget.

Lennon turns THREE!!  He is the best big brother and a mini-me.  Not so sure I like it but hey... could be worse!!

Moved to Naples, Florida for Law School.  We love it here and feel so spoiled. 

Bob and Dorothy came to visit!  It was so much fun having family in town.  We love them so much!

My best pals paid me a visit!  This was one of the best days of their visit.  I almost killed myself along with my precious cargo.  Well worth the laugh though :).

Can't forget Halloween.  Wayne and Garth.  PARTY ON WAYNE!! SHAAAAWING!!

Camping with the best of the best at Keeywayden Island.  Seriously one of the best memories ever.

Visit to Utah.  So awesome to see family and friends.  We got to go to Bear Lake for a week.  We love it up there.  Mostly love the "grown-up sleepovers".  So fun. 
Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us.  We have really been enjoying our little adventure and are so grateful for our family. 

Life is good.

Cheers to 2012!!


Auntie Elaine said...

Thanks for the update....LOVE your sweet family! Maybe next time you're in Utah, I'll actually see you. Sorry we missed it. Oh....and shouldn't it be 2011 in review!! LOL love you mucho!


That's a fun post. So Lennon & Holden are ridiculously tan in the beach picture! Dang, I'm so jealous! It was great to see you at the family reunion, take care!

Kam Belly Soup said...

feb: just get him some new shorts
march: cutest Lennon pic ever
June: supermodel
nov: thanks for the good memories. haha

Harvey Ralph said...

Dude... you and B need to be wayne and garth every year from now on. Seriously amazing.