Sunday, January 29, 2012


This photo is priceless... thank you Sheree.


I can't get enough of this little guy.  This picture just says it all.  He is truly the happiest kid on Earth. I really do think he really wanted to be here and he really appreciates life and every breath.  He is always teaching me.  Strange how such a little guy can teach me so much. 


I am so grateful for my boys.  I think about this experience (being away and in law school) and I feel so blessed every day to have them BOTH in my life.  Lately I have felt extra gratitude for my little miracle and I never want to forget what a miracle that was.  I took Holden to the pediatrician out here for his 18 month shots and it is always so cool to hear the doctors response after I tell them Holden's story. They are always blown away. 

Holden is progressing so well.  He has seen all his development doctors out here and they tell me he is testing a month in advance.  Such good news.  His heart has normal function and has been off the meds since October.

He loves his brother Lennon.  They wrestle all day long.  Holden has the best gut-wrenching laugh.  You can't help but laugh when you hear it.  He says Mommy and dada, Uh-oh, ahhhhh (when he is hungry he opens is mouth and says ahh. So funny), he eats all day long, says dog, ball, etc.  He is on the normal growth chart and is hitting 35% for both weight and height and of course 98% head. 

If I could have seen this post two years ago I probably would have passed out.  I never imagined I would be so blessed. I hope I will never, ever forget what a real blessing this guy is to our family.  I am grateful for him and that trial.

Holden... you are the BOMB buddy.


Jamie said...

That pic is so stinking cute! Miss that little guy and you and Lennon and B! I'm so glad he's doing so well!

Becca said...

dang it rachel, im crying. i miss you guys so freakin much!!! that pic of holden is priceless. i cant wait to see you guys.

Farrah said...

Isn't that what life is all about?! His face...makes my heart skip a beat. This overwhelming feeling of gratitude for him will never ever fade. What a better reminder of how blessed we are to just have LIFE than that picture? Thanks for sharing it...I love him so much!

Auntie Elaine said...

Aren't we all blessed to watch this sweet little miracle grow and blossum before our eyes?!?!? What a stud he is....king of the water....and he knows it! :-) hugs to all!

r+s+a laney said...

i love him too.

annie and jared said...

Oh he really is such a little miracle rach.. love him.
P.S. I just scrolled through your pictures.. and HOW did i miss your HALLOWEEN costumes? Oh my stars, you two are the best people on earth. truly. Ha ha. Wish we could play.

Seth said...

So cute baby i love this pic.