Tuesday, September 27, 2011

L.I.F.E. as we know it...

Pretty much, this is my life.

If we aren't at the beach, we are at the pool. 

~I love it~

Nielson joined us.  He made a hole to burry Lennon and Lennon wasn't having it so we burried him.  Once we got him burried I grabbed a sandwich and started throwing pieces of it around Nielse's head.  The birds loved it... so did Nielse.

Sheree, yours truly, Sam

Sheree and her sweet little Aubrey

Sam with cute Baya


Holden loving the pool, and the camera.  Such a sweet little boy.


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Another new post.

Also, stay tuned for Grandma Dotty and Boberts visit.  We had a BLAST!!


Chris Capua said...

Miss you guys. Lennon and Holden are so freaking awesome. I like that Toast is just one of the girls.

maggie said...

So jealous you're at the beach...its starting to get cold here :( Your boys are amazing and you look ridiculous for having had two kids...kinda hate you a little ;)

Farrah said...

Mayci came running to the computer yelling...'Yenna! Yenna!'...pointing at Lennon! For real?! Could it be?! She totally remembers him and can now say his name! I was dying. Then she said...'NO! MINE YENNA!'... Just kiddin:) Love the pics. Looks amazing!!!

Arden said...

Holden is getting so big. his teeth. so beautiful there, hard to be sad. but i am , i miss you all so much!

Mrs. Ham said...

Ohh I'm in love with your boys!! I'm seriuous when I say I'm gonna name my son after Lennon if I ever get a boy... Or a child for that matter! Haha love seeing you and sheree hang out! Don't you love rob too! Xo

Kam Belly Soup said...

hahaha i love the scroll down part.