Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The other day B and I headed out with some good friends to the Everglades.  It was our first time and we were excited.  Our goal was to see a few gators... and folks... we saw exactly that.
I love how in the picture above, Lennon is so focused on that gator behind us.  He was terrified out of his mind.  He couldn't even look for a split second for a picture.  I guess it is a good thing the kid is scared of one thing.

Our little visit to a podunk gator museum.  No lie, the owner was cleaning his gun out front, right next to a crock pot of something amazing I'm sure.  I knew it would be a winner after that.
What a cute kid he is.I love him.
All in all it was a good adventure. 
Glad we did it!


Jamie said...

You can totally tell by Lennon's amazing tan that you guys are soaking up the sun. I'm glad you have some ladies out there to hang with. I'm sure they're not nearly as fun as me, or Farrah or becca ;) I wanna squeeze those boys. Miss you guys!

Arden said...

look at Holdens eyes in the last picture. So funny! is he sort of sketchy or what!